Friday, May 15, 2009

Vintage Clothing and DIY Fashion

I've always been drawn to vintage for those standout pieces, those one-of few items that add personality to my wardrobe, like a party in my closet. The Ramona West Etsy shop is full of those unique items with funky prints and a sprinkling of classic cuts and solids.

While you're on the hunt for vintage clothes, check out Great Night Another Bad Morning for some rather affordable accessories and apparel. Don't you just love the name of that shop?

80s Yellow/Pink Abstract Print Scarf from Great Night Another Bad Morning

In case you're making do with the duds you currently have in your closet, might I offer some suggestions for refashioning or repairing some of them?

-- I've taken to shredding some of my expendable jeans in favor of that oh so trendy ripped and torn look.
-- Here's some shredded denim inspiration.
-- Learn to repair worn clothes and get the best deals when shopping.
-- Make a fab ruffled shoulder wrap.
-- Stencil a boring old shirt into a graphic Tee.


  1. I just came across your lovely blog and will come back often :) Have a lovely weekend... Kellie