Sunday, May 3, 2009

Are We Ready for the Vassarettes?

Is this for real? Read it and weep.

The lights dim in a slam-packed club and the crowd begins to cheer. They’re chanting your name, and just as you’re about to step out on stage to make your musical debut, you realize that you’re wearing only a bra and skirt.

It sounds like a nightmare I once had, but the all girl quartet, The Vassarettes, don’t seem to mind performing in lingerie and mini skirts. And I guess they wouldn’t because my guess is that they were paid well to be walking advertisements.

The group was formed as a marketing ploy for the Vassarette bra label, trademarked under Vanity Fair Brands.

Based on their song, "Are You Ready," it seems that the ladies have talent, which is really a shame. I wonder how many people who have gone to see them perform really cared about the music versus the number who went to see a spectacle.

Being famous for performing in your bra is about as pitiable as being the bearded lady in a freak show.

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