Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Perfect Morning: Make It

Image found on Decor8.

Doesn't this image look like the perfect morning? It looks like breakfast and coffee in bed. You know, something else that would make this a perfect morning is a dose of fun, crafty tutorials.

-- They say that journaling is a great way catch a glimpse of your true self, which is often lost amongst the chaos of life. Here's a fun way to make a journal fabric cover.

-- Have you ever wanted to make your own boxes, cards or envelopes? Here is an awesome resource that lists 60 different projects.

-- I'm a huge fan of spraypaint stencils. Learn how to make your own.

-- While you're crafting away, it is always nice to have a yummy drink nearby. How about making delicious chai tea from scratch and saving your coffee change for another day?

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