Friday, May 22, 2009

The Hand Made, Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Le Petit Travel Set- Eco Bags by Evelyn Fields

Evelyn Fields has offered a 10% discount especially for suGar,Honey,bAby,doll readers. Just mention this blog post at checkout.

Evelyn Fields' eco bags are made with 100 percent unbleached cotton, so they're good for the environment and they are good for you. Doing your part to reduce waste is super stylish with these apple and pear adorned sacks in tow. And by reducing the amount of plastic bags you use, they can help to save you money.

Les Scraps La Fleur Fabric Posy magnet set from Tracy B. Designs

These fabric remnant, round posy magnets by Tracy B. Designs are a pretty and functional solution to reducing sewing-room waste. Tracy B. has treated the petals with fabric stiffener, making them durable, and the backs are strengthened with cardboard. What a cute way to hang little Susie's artwork, or the grocery list, to the refrigerator door.

I'm a sucker for letterpress, especially if it's functional. These cards and dividers made by One Canoe Two began as a hand-drawn sketch and were then made into letterpress plates. How cool and talented is that? The cardstock is recycled French paper and is heavy-duty thick. One Canoe Two also makes cards, journals and calenders.

Well, folks, that's it for my week of blogging. Will be back Monday to share more fun finds.
Zoey V.


  1. What a beautiful selection! I hope you have had a fabulous weekend!

  2. I think I may be referring my readers to these sites as well....SUCH good finds. I will be sure to give you credit<3


  3. they are great, i love those recipe cards especially!